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The first online shop in South Africa that's dedicated to the Lexus V8 market.

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Over the years, V8 Solid has gone from strength to strength. With over two thousand systems on the road to date and an outstanding name in the market for quality, honesty, and strong backup service. Making us the biggest supplier of pre-wired Lexus V8 engines in South Africa if not the world. We specialize in pre-wired Lexus engines in areas of wiring, immobilizer removal, parts and servicing . To date, we are the only company that can deal with the wiring and immobilizer removal in house . This allows us to be more competitive on price but still keep the standard high. Our knowledge over the years also allows us to quickly solve problems over the phone or by the vehicle returning for a check. We don't have one of those nasty stockpiles of broken cars standing at the back of our workshop either. We have a strong word of mouth market and decided to reach out to more of the online market offering customer convenience and a better, faster service with the online store . We decided to use the name Lexus V8 Shop as our shop front but still keeping our upstanding name of V8 Solid as our trade name. Feel assured buying online from a company that delivers time and time again. No pictures of fancy cars and copied content from other sites. Real pictures. Real content. From a serious supplier to a serious customer.

This site is 100% secure using the latest online 3D secured payment facility so feel very assured that using the online facility is one of the best. You are most welcome to review our privacy policy below.

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Why Choose V8 SOLID

Best pre-wired engines on the market. Strongest back up service with very low come back rate. Large amount of engines and parts in stock. We ship world wide. Best write off rate compared to volume of sales.

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Lexus V8 3UZ vvt-i pre wired

Lexus V8 3UZ vvt-i engine.!

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Lexus V8 1UZ vvt-i pre wired

Toyota 2JZ vvt-i Pre wired

2JZ vvt-i Pre wired!

Our workshop

Picture date 22 December 2016!

Our stock room

Stock and re-programming room/ reflow soldering room specialised for the Lexus V8 1UZ vvt-i and 3UZ vvt-i.!